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garphical interface in title

InterFace Chat with people from Dooble
Size: 29.6 MB
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add-on chat messenger interface IM tool browser IM  
K-Interface K-shortest paths problem
Size: 427 KB
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path node edge shortest path Shortest Path Algorithm  
FrontPanel I/O Interface HIDClass driver
Size: info
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C# WinSCP Interface A friendly and easy-to-use API for interacting with the WinSCP COM utility.
Size: 20 KB
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API interface WinSCP generate interacting genotypes  
Z++ Server Interface Accommodate service requests from clients and select and execute Z++ applications.
Size: 582.56K
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execute text applications submit service requests  
interface.fla Full Flash Site Template
Size: Evaluation
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garphical interface in tags

Size: 16.6 MB
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gui interface iPlayer GUI ChatEditor GUI XMail GUI  
RoutineBot Automate interface testing tasks with interface robot
Size: 1.6 MB
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Test Tester Procedural Interface human interface interface  
EasyScan An acquisition interface for flatbed scanner using Twain standard interface capabilities from scanners drivers
Size: 119K
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editor Procedural Interface scan Image Editor clipboard  
Google Translator Interface Platinum Google Translator Interface Platinum is a free multilingual translation interface for Windows XP
Size: 2.1 MB
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Translator Procedural Interface Google human interface  
E1 Framer It is intend for interface between ST-BUS protocol(4 wire interface including Clock, FS, DataTx and Data RX...
Size: Evaluation
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Procedural Interface interface IEEE interface  
PHP based CMS Software For Small Businesses TLI's CMS software gives you control of your website as it provides an easy to use interface that enables creating, changing, and deleting content through a WYSIWYG interface.
Size: 234.38 KB
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Procedural Interface interface control interface  

garphical interface in description

PrimeBase SDK The PrimeBase SDK includes all available PrimeBase Application Program interfaces (APIs) with source code examples. The PrimeBase SDK includes the following: [ul][li]The PrimeBase Interface (PBI or PB...
Size: form
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CmdLauncher CmdLauncher is a lightweight but useful tool that allows you to create a graphical interface for the tools that can be used in command line mode. The app provides you with a fully customizable interfa...
Size: 3 MB
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Creator interface Launcher command line launcher  
TPropertyPageSaver You can use several different sets of values for each interface, according to the current context of your application. PropertyPageSaver has been designed to let you save/restore properties of COM in...
Size: 873.66K
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page save Property Restore Wireless Settings  
TPropertyPageSaver v2.3 You can use several different sets of values for each interface, according to the current context of your application. PropertyPageSaver has been designed: - to let you save/restore properties of COM ...
Size: 1000 KB
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Restore Wireless Settings restore component properties  
Paint XP Standalone old MS Paint program that allows you to get your old XP Paint interface in Windows 7. One of the major user interface changes in Windows 7 is that the addition of ribbon interface to Paint ...
Size: 410 KB
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editor edit modify image draw paint graphic editor graphic  
sp37969.exe Interface 2600 Rev 1[/li] [li]Elo TouchSystems USB Touchmonitor Interface 2600 Rev 2[/li] [li]Elo TouchSystems 4000U CarrollTouch® USB Touchmonitor Interface[/li] [li]Elo TouchSystems 2500U IntelliTo...
Size: 3.53MB
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